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Hospice of McAlester provides supportive care for people in the community who have been diagnosed with a terminal condition. Working along with the patient’s primary caregiver, we assure that the patient receives proper care and achieves the best possible quality of life.

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Our Difference is This

Hospice of McAlester supports the local economy by using local medical supply and pharmacy businesses. We are a stand-alone 501c3 not for profit entity, in other words, we do not have an owner or belong to a large corporate structure. Our board of directors and employees are all “locals” who care about supporting our community. We do not send our money to a corporate headquarters like other hospices in our area. We utilize our money to provide care for those who do not have a pay source and have been turned away by other hospices in the area.

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Community Grief Support

Our volunteer-run grief support group meets the first Tuesday of each month at 5:30PM at Hospice of McAlester (801 E Wyandotte). To stay informed on the dates and locations, like our Facebook page.